This is what I heard
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2015-07-11 03:00:05 UTC
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Actually, that is 100% correct. Well...close enough anyway. I dunno if it was a
hotmail account, or what, but the rest of the story is right. Gailus freaked (of
course) and called the cops. I heard that Mike didn't say much until after the cops
had been there for a bit...
Totally tasteless.....
Second or third-hand information maybe, but this is the story making the rounds.
Chris Gailus and Jane Carrigan go on a honeymoon to Mexico and return.
Gailus casually mentions in the staff lunchroom that he and Jane visited
a nude beach. Lownsbrough overhears this and decides to play a practical joke.
Lownsbrough sets up a hotmail account under an assused name. Sends an
email to Gailus claiming to an average Calgarian TV viewer who was in
Mexico at the same time and took photos of the pair. Being public
figures, they obviously don't want these photos distributed.
Gailus freaks out and calls the police claiming extortion. Lownsbrough
admits to the hi-jinks and gets fired.
That's what I heard.
i guess people make mistakes in life and also learn from them....
2017-02-08 00:22:10 UTC
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You are so correct he was and probably
Still is full of himself
2017-02-08 00:33:02 UTC
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This story I believe because this
Something he would pull

Dude was so full of himself. I think the reson he lasted on TV because of Ed wallan.

I recall one famale sports caster was doing a report she said back to you

Mike calls her honey on live TV
He said thanks honey

I can't recall the name of the sports caster but she put him in his place

She said I am not your honey

That was good.

This was years ago