Best Tai Chi Instructor In Calgary?
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2014-01-08 04:38:08 UTC
Anyone have an e-mail address for Lillian? I studied Tai Chi with her father and remember watching her do the form when she was a teenager. Magical. The New Brighton Community Association will offer a Tai Chi course if it can find an instructor. I'd like to help.

Any contacts?

Jeff Collins
Oh yeah as far as Tai Chi. Check with the City of Calgary's Parks and Rec
Programs. they teach Yang Style. They have several teachers sharing the
course load, but by far one of the best martial arts instructors I ever met
in 20 years is Lillian Wong.
Any Votes?
I'm looking for Nei Kung (aka Qi Gong, aka Chi Kung) as well.
2016-04-11 03:13:55 UTC
This is Lillian. I just happened to be doing some searching on the internet and came across this group. I am humbled by your comment. I have taken some time off from teaching to raise my family. These comments have given me some confidence in considering teaching again. Thank you.